Soluble fiber and the holidays

Soluble fiber and the holidays

Profits associated with diet, cleansing and fitness reach their peak in January and that’s because between October and December, Americans indulge. Cocktail parties, celebrations and even holiday-related work events push food, sweets, and alcohol to excess. This means that while we are having fun, our waistlines are growing. Soluble fiber now can support your health (and waistline) later.

Instead of playing “damage control” in January, you can get ahead of it by making one small, but mighty change to your routine now: Add Florasophy!

Here’s how it works

When you consume Florasophy with your meal, the added soluble fiber has three critical functions that prevent weight gain and promote health:

  1. Florasophy expands in your stomach, helping you feel fuller faster and longer. All Florasophy blends contain konjac root fiber (glucomannan) used for centuries in Asia to support healthy weight and satiety as well as chia and acacia, all shown to improve satiety and reduce BMI. By pairing Florasophy with your meal, or consuming a serving before heading out to the party, you’re more likely to moderate, instead of overindulge.
  2. Florasophy slows the absorption of glucose, preventing blood sugar spikes and weight gain. Studies show that chia seed powder, psyllium and acacia fibers, when combined with meals, slow digestion. This means that not only do you better absorb blood-sugar balancing micronutrients, your blood sugar levels are more stable, leading to better weight management. In fact, most people don’t know that weight gain is primarily caused by excess glucose in the blood, converting to triglycerides and storing in your fat cells. By preventing the spike, you can prevent weight gain, too.
  3. Florasophy attaches to the fat in your meal, preventing absorption, therefore reducing caloric intake. Florasophy binds to fat, preventing absorption. All of the fibers in our blends, when taken with your meal, bind dietary fat, reducing overall caloric intake. Instead of burning off fat in January, you can proactively prevent holiday weight gain, instead.

How to use Florasophy in the season of excess

Consistency and frequency are key for holiday health management. When you’re using Florasophy to prevent overindulgence or weight gain, we recommend taking a dose with each meal, instead of all at once.

Example: If your dose is 1 tablespoon per day, divide that into 3 teaspoons, taking 1 teaspoon with each meal.

If you know you’re heading out to a party or celebration, you may want to up your dose slightly before you leave the house to fill up your belly before the temptations are presented so you are more likely to moderate your intake. Once your body has adjusted to higher soluble fiber intake, this may mean taking 1 teaspoon with both breakfast and lunch, but taking a higher dose, such as 1 tablespoon with 12 ounces of water, before heading out.

With a little forethought (and a little fiber), you can sail through the holidays without paying the prices in January.

Remember, if you’re new to Florasophy, increase your dose slowly to give your digestive tract and microbiome time to adjust!

About Megan Barnett, MS, CNS

Megan Barnett, MS
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