Get started with Florasophy

Tip #1: Start slowly

Introducing soluble fiber too quickly can upset your digestive tract. Increase your serving size gradually.
If you experience negative side effects, like bloating, constipation, or acid reflux, the serving size is too high and you should back down by one teaspoon at a time until symptoms resolve. Learn why this happens sometimes and why you shouldn't stop taking Florasophy:

Tip #2: Make Florasophy a daily habit

To get the most out of your soluble fiber, you have to take it every day. While you might notice improvements in a few days, maximum impact is usually felt after 3 months of daily use. To help you remember, add a reminder on your phone or put your Florasophy in a spot where you’ll see it. (Megan keeps hers by her coffee machine!)
Make Florasophy a daily habit

Tip #3: Mix it up!

Find easy and enjoyable ways to incorporate Florasophy into your daily routine so you're more likely to stick with it. Here are some of our favorites:

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