Florasophy benefits

Florasophy optimizes digestion

Optimizes digestion

Florasophy soluble fiber is digestion superfood! The clinically curated fibers in our blends have been shown to increase absorption of nutrients, reduce gas and bloating, improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, boost regularity and stool consistency and support a healthy microbiome. 

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Florasophy balances hormones

Balances hormones

Florasophy soluble fiber contains targeted fibers shown to bind excess estrogen in the gut. When this occurs regularly by consuming soluble fiber everyday, circulating estrogen levels drop into balance with progesterone. This means a reduction in symptoms like PMS, weight gain around the middle, insomnia, anxiety and more. 

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Florasophy promotes detoxification

Promotes detoxification

Your liver shuttles a never-ending stream of toxins into your gut for excretion, but those toxins can be reabsorbed across the gut lining right back into your bloodstream, thereby “re-toxifying” instead of detoxifying. However, if these toxins bump into soluble fiber in the gut first, reabsorption is disrupted. Florasophy improves the excretion of toxins by binding and moving them into the colon and into your toilet. 

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Florasophy supports weight loss

Supports weight loss

The fibers in our blends support weight loss in three ways. First, our fibers expand in your stomach, making you feel fuller, longer, while boosting hormones that signal satiety. Second, Florasophy slows digestion, leading to better micro-nutrient absorption but slower glucose absorption so blood sugar is better balanced. Third, Florasophy binds dietary fat in the gut, reducing absorption and cutting calories absorbed from meals.

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Florasophy improves healthspan

Improves healthspan

Not only have the fibers in Florasophy been shown to support a healthy body composition, better detoxification, balanced hormones, and optimal digestion, Florasophy also improves cardiometabolic factors, immune resilience, and brain functions associated with a longer and healthier life.

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