Because true health
starts in your gut

3 teaspoons a day of Florasophy can make a world of difference in your well-being

Optimize digestion

Balance hormones

Promote detoxification

weight loss

Improve healthspan


"As a practitioner, soluble fiber is the easiest thing you can do to improve your health."

Megan Barnett, MS, CNS

Don't take our word for it

If you’ve ever taken fiber supplements, you know well that they can cause gas and intestinal discomfort, but not Florosophy! Florosophy’s gentle formula does not give me any intestinal discomfort and leaves me feeling less bloated. My favorite thing is just how gently it does the job.

Charity A.

I‘ve taken Florasophy for six weeks and have noticed several positive changes in my overall health. The most important improvement has been the massive decrease in PMS symptoms. I cancelled my hysterectomy appointment.

Kylan P.

I have finally found an optimal fiber product to combat chronic inflammation and slow digestion! Florasophy doesn’t dehydrate me like traditional psyllium-based products, plus it mixes very well with just water or when added to a protein shake or smoothie. After years of searching, this is the only fiber product I use and recommend to my clientele.

Luke H.

Florasophy has completely replaced the previous brand of fiber that I was taking. I especially love that it’s easy to consume and I never feel bloated. Best of all, it has only four, high-quality ingredients that are names I know and can pronounce. It pure, efficient, organic and, most of all, gets results.

Bonnie P.

I have always had inconsistent stools. Upon taking Florasophy’s Daily Fix once a day, my stool is consistent and perfect. The positive results were immediate. I use this product daily and highly recommend it!

Robert B.

I’ve been a patient of Megan’s for about eight months, and I’ve lost over 35 pounds and feel great. One of the things that has worked very well is taking Florasophy daily. I ran out for about four days, and I tell you, I did notice a huge difference.

David D.

Florasophy has been a wonderful addition to my diet. After trying other products, I prefer the ‘outcome’ that Florasophy provides, if you know
what I mean! I started using it to heal my gut after years of inflammation. It has become a necessary part of my daily routine.

Marie C.

I have struggled with constipation since childhood and for years have played around with the foods I ate. I have been taking Florasophy for the past 6 months, and it has been an absolute game changer. Not only have I become more regular, but I also no longer have the end-of-day bloating and discomfort I had just learned to live with.

Jennie E.

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