What's wrong with my poop?

What is wrong with my poop

Poop is a part of life, so why are we so “hush hush” about our bowel movements? If sharing poop sagas were the norm, we’d realize that bathroom issues are more common than we think. Whether it's urgency, loose stool, constipation or straining, most people aren't achieving a perfect poop.

If you’re having toilet troubles, the answer often lies in your diet. While some people are unknowingly eating inflammatory foods, others are simply not getting enough of one magic ingredient: soluble fiber. Soluble fiber adapts to your bowels—firming or loosening, speeding or slowing—and all the while removing nasty toxins and waste from your body. (PS. How do you know if you're eating enough soluble fiber? Check out this post to find out!)

The amazing benefits of soluble fiber come from its ability to mix with water, forming the gel that softens stool as well as slows the digestive process. While this gel can help you feel fuller longer, it also slows digestion, improving nutrient absorption from food. 

A slower digestion process is balanced by the benefits of insoluble fiber, the fibers that don’t mix with water and are found in large quantities in vegetables and fruits. Insoluble fiber helps to form your stool and improves motility through the gut and transit time through the colon.

Neither soluble nor insoluble fiber is absorbed into the body, meaning that all consumed fiber eventually makes its way into your toilet. Working in concert together, soluble and insoluble fiber provide benefits for your body from the second they enter your system until well after they leave.

But it's soluble fiber that is adaptogenic, either adding water to or absorbing extra water from your colon to make your poop the perfect consistency.

Where Florasophy comes in

Florasophy offers three different blends of soluble fibers to make sure you always have the perfect poop. Loosen Up is psyllium-free and helps people who struggle with constipation, Firm Up helps people to tend towards loose stools and Daily Fix optimizes overall health in a gentle, effective formula to keep you regular.

Megan designed Florasophy in her clinical practice help her patients increase their soluble fiber intake and address specific symptoms to optimize overall health. Florasophy users have reported marked improvement in their quality of life simply by adding a customized serving of Florasophy to their daily routine.

About Megan Barnett, MS, CNS

Megan Barnett, MSMegan Barnett is a functional medicine practitioner in Portland, Oregon. In her clinical practice, she helps patients identify the root cause of their health problems, then designs individualized and evidence-based approaches to alleviate symptoms and help their bodies heal. She has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States.