High-fiber recipes

HIgh fiber recipes: Florasophy protein bites
An easy way to add a little fiber boost to your day! Curb between-meal hunger with slower burn protein and without blood sugar spikes. We love these protein bites and keep them on hand at all times! Ingredients 1 cup...
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High-fiber recipes: Vegan squash and lentil soup
Thank you to Cook with What You Have and Katherine Deumling for sharing her winter squash and peanut stew recipe with Florasophy! The soup is hearty, warming and delicious with butternut, red kuri, hubbard or buttercup squash. Avoid delicata squash...
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High-fiber recipe: White bean salad
This high-fiber salad is the ultimate win-win for your fiber goals! The white beans boost your soluble fiber while the greens boost your insoluble fiber and micronutrients. Fast, easy and plant-based for the win! Ingredients 3/4 cup white beans 1...
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